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Enjoy Affordable Summer Fun

Money is tight for many Americans this year. Unfortunately, most of us need a summer vacation more now than ever even though it isn’t affordable. Luckily, there are ways to make this season enjoyable without breaking the bank. Read on for some ideas!

Set A Budget - The first step is to ask yourself how you wish to spend your money.  How much can you afford to spend? Set that budget and then figure out how best to enjoy yourself within that amount. 

Decide How To Spend Your Time – Once you know your budget, you need to consider how much free time you have and how you wish to spend it within the scope of that budget. If you have a little money to spend, consider time away but close to home. A few days in Amish country or at the Lake Eerie shore could be just the ticket. Maybe a state park cabin or a nice room in downtown Pittsburgh is more your speed. If you wish to spend less, consider taking day trips from home. If you have little to no money to spend, there’s still hope! We live in Ohio! That means there are tons of wonderful state parks, free events and affordable attractions to enjoy.

Adventure In The Great Outdoors – Ohio is home to a huge variety of state parks, nature preserves, local park districts, metro parks and lakes that are free to use. Spend the day exploring on foot, feel the wind in your hair on a bike path, or laze by the lake and watch the world go by. 

Find Local Attractions – Many local museums have low cost admission or even discounts for residents. Chillicothe is home to a collegiate summer league baseball team where the games are fun and admission and popcorn are cheap. There are some beautiful sunflower fields around the state where your admission typically buys you a day in the field as well as a sunflower cutting to take home. Ohio is rich with history that’s preserved through sites like presidential homes, the home of abolitionist Harriett Beecher Stowe or that of Ohio’s first and third governor Thomas Worthington. Why not be a tourist in your own back yard? 

Find The Free Stuff - The National Museum of the US Air Force is free to all and is packed with amazing aircraft and displays. Take a guided tour of the Ohio State House to see this opulent building and learn about how our government works. Look for festivals and events with free admission where you can catch some live music. Ohio is home to a number of oddities including the world’s largest washboard, drumsticks, pumpkin and cuckoo clock. Go explore your world!

Enjoy A Staycation – Fun is a state of mind! Instead of spending your money going places, maybe invest in a fire ring and some comfy lounge chairs so you can relax in your own back yard. Settle in for a movie marathon or plan a treasure hunt for your kids in your own neighborhood. We spend a lot of time making money to furnish our homes and buy things for our hobbies. Stay home and enjoy the things and the people you have in your life! 

Gather Your Friends – Chances are your friends and family are in the same boat and are looking for ways to be entertained without breaking the bank. Invite them for a potluck and some backyard games. Remember, it’s not always where you go that matters. Sometimes what’s important is who is by your side. 

Be Prepared – Pack a cooler of cold drinks, sandwiches and snacks to enjoy when you’re out and about. While eating out is easy and fun, it can also be expensive. You will be surprised how good that sandwich from home will taste when eaten as a picnic! If you’re staying home, be sure to stock up on some favorite foods and snacks to make your staycation feel more special!

Where there’s a will, there’s a way so get creative when planning your summer. You may be surprised at how much fun it can be exploring and adventuring nearby!


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