Important Announcement

Attention VCNB Debit Card Holders: Your VCNB Mastercard® debit card is becoming a Tap to Pay with Visa® debit card!  Your basic account terms, uChoose Rewards®, and our commitment to your security and satisfaction will remain the same.  Feel free to contact our Customer Service Team at 800.542.5004 with questions or click here for our FAQ.

Vinton County National Bank

Custom Debit Cards

Full Image Photo Card

Vinton County National Bank

As a VCNB cardholder, you can add your favorite photo to your card. Your family, your pet, your vacation, even your personal artwork - create a card that is truly all yours. Or choose a design from our collection which features scenic photos and school logos. It's really fun and remarkably easy*.

$ 5 annual fee for personal or scenic photos
$ 10 annual fee for school logos**
Ready? Create!

Identity Photo Card

Vinton County National Bank

Help protect your good name. Increase the security of your card by adding your picture. Identity photo cards help reduce the risk of fraud. Add your photo to your card to help safeguard your account. It's really fun and remarkably easy*.

$ 5 annual fee
Ready? Create!

*Your card will be delivered to you in approximately two weeks. The first time you order a custom debit card, your card number and expiration date will change. It is important that you update any recurring payments or credits with your new account number and expiration date immediately after activating your new card.

**$5 of every $10 annual fee goes back to the corresponding school as a donation.

Please DO NOT use the custom debit card site to do any of the following:

  • Replace a damaged card
  • Replace a stolen card
  • Change your name

Please contact us directly at 800.542.5004 if any of the above instances occur to request your reissue.