Vinton County National Bank

Mobile Phone

Now you can enjoy secure access to your bank accounts 24-hours a day, 7 days a week with Mobile Banking. So, no matter when the need arises, access your accounts at the touch of a button.

The Mobile Banking options below are all available depending on the capabilities of your mobile device and service provider* (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc.).  An Online Banking account is required as well.

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Mobile App

The VCNB Mobile App provides convenience and flexibility to complete your banking needs right from your phone or tablet.

How To Install

Instant Balance

Now you can check your account balance without logging into the app. Simply tap to icon at the top right corner of your log in screen to securely check your balances. 

Mobile Deposit 

The Mobile Deposit feature is only available using the VCNB Mobile application. Mobile Deposit uses your phone’s built in camera to take pictures of your check and submits the images electronically to make a deposit to your desired checking or savings accounts.

How To Use

Mobile Browser Banking

To use this service your mobile phone must have an internet browser. Once registered you'll receive a text message to confirm enrollment with a unique web site address. Save this web address to your favorites for future browser banking.

How To Register

Text Message Inquiry

Now you can check your account balances and review recent account activity via text message. To use this service your mobile device must be capable of sending and receiving SMS text messages and short codes. 

How To Register

Google Pay, Apple Pay®, and Samsung Pay

Now you can enjoy all the benefits of your VCNB debit or credit card using Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay. These mobile payment options allow you to pay with breakthrough contactless payment technology and unique security features built right into their programs. So you can pay in an easy, secure, and private way.

Learn More about Google Pay Learn about Apple Pay Learn More about Samsung Pay

Privacy and Security

The following steps are strictly enforced by Mobile Banking to protect customers:

Restricts consumer private information in an SMS message response. Because Mobile Banking passes no private information, it has limited value to fraudsters or anyone who is not that registered consumer.

Provides labels for the financial institution’s account balance inquiry information but contains no account number or specific consumer credentials. This measure helps protect the financial institution’s and the consumer’s data.

Restricts passwords and account information in SMS transactions. This measure ensures that the consumer does not store text messages in the mobile device’s message outbox, which leaves the information vulnerable to theft.

Sends SMS messages from a short code or a series of short codes that the financial institution uses. The integrity of this short code is ensured by the mobile network. Consumers should only trust messages from the short code of their financial institution.

Passwords and usernames are encrypted. Encryption is the scrambling of information for transmission between two points. This protects your confidential information from being intercepted.

*There are no fees from us to use Mobile Banking. Contact your mobile service carrier regarding text messaging and/or data plan costs to access the internet from your mobile device. Normal data rates apply and may require a data services plan from your carrier. Please note that some mobile service carriers charge for each message sent and received. VCNB Mobile requires Android OS 7 or higher. See full privacy policy for VCNB Mobile here.

Vinton County National Bank will never contact a customer via phone, e-mail, text message or direct mail asking for any of your credentials including usernames, passwords, account numbers, social security numbers, etc.