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All You Need To Know: Rewards Checking 101

You’ve heard us talk about Rewards Checking but do you know how it actually works? We have the 101 for you today!

First Order of Business

When you receive your Rewards Checking debit card, it is imperative that you register the card on the uChoose Rewards website. You’ll find that link on our website or you can click here. If you also have a Visa® Platinum Credit Card at VCNB, both the credit and debit card can be registered to the same account.

Know How To Earn

There are a few ways you can earn points. One is through your regular banking activities:

  • Direct Deposit
  • Online Bill Pay
  • Zelle
  • Anniversary Points. Yes! We even reward you 500 points annually for the life of the account!

The other way to earn is by spending your own money. Whether it’s a signature or a PIN purchase, use your debit card and receive one point for every $3 spent and 200 bonus points for 21 or more transactions per cycle.

Finally, if you have a Visa Platinum Credit Card linked to your uChoose account, earn one point for every dollar spent.


Know How To Redeem

Redeeming rewards points is easy and those points can be used in a variety of ways. Cash back, gift cards, merchandise, travel and event passes like concert tickets are popular choices. This is done right from the uChoose website.


Explore The Website

When you register your card, be sure to nose around the website. This is where you will check your Rewards Points balance, redeem points and find additional ways to save by activating rewards from select retailers. Sometimes retailers, including some popular stores and restaurants, will offer you more points for shopping with them simply by taking a moment to activate the offer. Check the website regularly for new offers, to keep track of your rewards and to redeem them!


Know When To Ask

Our bankers are here to help you! If you have questions or need help, don’t hesitate to ask your local banker for assistance!

Click here to learn about Rewards Checking and open an account.




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