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Brenda Branscom To Retire Next Month

An old adage tells us that when one door closes, another will open. That’s especially true for Brenda Branscom. When she retires as VCNB Deposit Operations Supervisor, she will walk out of the bank and into a delightful new stage in life.

“I have two granddaughters that I want to spend more time with than I have to give when I’m working. My mom took care of my son when I worked and I really wanted to do that for my son’s family too. Why drag them out in the winter and deal with all that when I can be there to spend time with them?” she asked.

Her son and daughter-in-law live just blocks away, making it easy for her to pitch in and help when needed and to bask in the fun of being a grandma.

While Brenda is typically not seen in a bank branch, she is an important part of the VCNB family who takes care of behind the scenes work that most customers don’t realize even happens. Customers with an IRA or an HSA or those who have been a victim of fraud all have benefited from Brenda’s years of banking experience. “Problem solving. I do a lot of problem solving and I help where I’m needed,” she explained.

The Wellston native started out in banking just after high school graduation in 1981. She worked at the former First National Bank of Wellston for 33 years before it was purchased by a competitor. During those years, she became well versed in the internal workings of a bank beginning with when everything was done with paper. Back then banks were packed with filing cabinets full of documents and paper checks. Statements were printed, checks counted and everything was folded, stuffed and mailed to the customer for their files. Over time, she has been part of the digital revolution that has changed everything about how customers bank and how bankers do their work.

She was welcomed to the VCNB family in 2017. “Everyone here has been so nice to me. This bank feels like a hometown bank. That’s what I’m used to and what I expect. I will miss the people here,” she said. 

Brenda tries to take care of herself and especially loves to take walks. She is a reader who enjoys working with her flowers and taking care of things around her yard. “I like to keep busy and love working in my yard but I really love spending time with my family and look forward to doing more of that.”

When asked what advice she has for young people entering the workforce, here’s what she had to say: “I was taught to work and to believe in yourself. You can do anything you want if you just work hard and really care to do it. The best thing to do is to always be on time, do your job and help others when you’re able.”

Great advice, Brenda! We wish you all the best in your retirement. Congratulations!


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