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Honoring Veterans, One Flag At A Time

Senior Indirect Loan Processor Grace Delong never brags on herself but we think she deserves praise for her kindness and patriotism. Every year, Grace volunteers her time to place flags on the graves of veterans at cemeteries in Hocking County.

Here’s Grace in her own words:

“I started doing this in 2016 as a community service project. I was at Knollwood Cemetery in Logan one day and people were there performing this service so that is how I became aware of the opportunity. I contacted the Hocking County Veteran's Service Commission and this journey began. They provide the lists of names and the supplies.

Knollwood Cemetery is the largest of all the cemeteries I do. I think I placed just over 200 flags there. I also do Benton Township. It is sad that some of the graves cannot be located, but I do what I can. Some of the monuments are so aged that it is difficult to read the names. I learned from someone at the Veterans office to use shaving cream to help with this. You simply spray the shaving cream over the name and rub it so it fills in the gaps to make it more legible. This is a very small service in comparison to the price they paid, but it is something I am very passionate about. They deserve to be honored and remembered.”

Grace, thank you for devoting your time and energy to remembering our veterans every year!

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