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How VCNB Can Simplify Your Money Life

Many of us long for a simpler life. Between work and school, volunteer activities and all the things we do for fun, sometimes it feels like we are torn in many directions. While VCNB can’t simplify your entire life, we do offer tools to make managing your money pleasantly simple. Read on to find out how!

Bill Pay – Some customers like to set up their bills on autopay. Others prefer to log into their online or mobile banking to pay each bill individually. Either way works great, saves you a stamp and saves you a check! You even have complete control over when a bill pays so you don’t have to worry about late fees.

Zelle® - If you use VCNB Bill Pay, you have access to Zelle, a safe and easy way to send and receive money with friends, family and other people you trust. Whether you send money, receive it, or even request money from someone else, it’s fast and free to use.

On The Go Access – Bank from anywhere you have internet access. Thanks to our website VCNBfamily.bank and our mobile app, VCNB Mobile, you can bank from home, from the beach or while waiting to pick up your kids. Check balances, transfer funds, pay bills and open accounts with either one. With the mobile app, you can also turn your debit card off, set spending limits and deposit a check!

MoneyPass® - Speaking of on the go, did you know you can access over 37,000 surcharge free ATMs using your VCNB debit card? Search for an ATM near you on the MoneyPass website!    

Mobile Deposit – We love seeing our customers in our bank branches but, let’s face it, coming to the bank sometimes complicates your day. Save on gas and time by depositing your check into your account using our mobile app and the camera on your mobile device.

Direct Deposit –Ask your employer to direct deposit your paycheck into your VCNB account for quicker access to your money. You’ll still receive a payroll statement but won’t have to stop at the bank at the end of the day.

ATM Deposits – Another popular means of deposits is at the ATM! Our Image Deposit ATMs allow you to deposit cash and checks without an envelope! Once your deposit is accepted, you can receive immediate credit for up to $500 per day. Read all of the details here.

Automatic Transfers – Saving money couldn’t be easier with automatic transfers. You decide the amount and frequency of automatic transfers from your checking to savings. This will help guarantee you are following through on your plan to save money this year! Ready to spend? Easily make an on demand transfer from your savings to your checking account!

Manage Your Card – Use VCNB Mobile to restrict how and when your debit card can be used. From the accounts page, select Manage My Card. On the next screen you can turn off your card or even set specific limits. You can limit the monetary amount of a transaction, limit usage to a geographic area or choose specific merchants where the card can be used. This is a useful tool in preventing fraudulent transactions.

Rewards Points with Rewards Checking – Rewards points don’t simplify your life so much as they enhance your life. That’s because you are able to earn rewards for spending your own money. Those rewards points can then be used for cash back, gift cards, event tickets, merchandise and even travel! You work hard for your money so we think your money should work for you too! Learn more here.

Start using these tools today and you may wonder why it took you so long to embrace the many ways that VCNB can simplify your life.

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