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Attention VCNB Debit Card Holders: In an effort to always provide you with valuable financial tools and benefits, your VCNB Mastercard® debit card is becoming a Tap to Pay with Visa® debit card!  Your basic account terms, uChoose Rewards®, and our commitment to your security and satisfaction will remain the same.  As the transition approaches, we’ll send you more information. In the meantime, you can contact our Customer Service Team at 800.542.5004 with any questions.

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Prepare For Next Christmas With A Christmas Club

It comes around the same time every year and we all know it’s going to be expensive. Yet, most of us struggle to plan and save for Christmas. That’s why VCNB makes it easy for customers to save some money every month and be ready for holiday expenses.

How does it work? Customers with a checking or savings account with VCNB are eligible to open a Christmas Club account. In doing so, you will have some simple choices to make.

  1. Which VCNB checking or savings account would you like to have the money transferred from and into your Christmas Club account?
  2. How much would you like to save? Tell us how much you want to save and we will divide that into even payments and we’ll set up biweekly automatic transfers from the account of your choice into your savings account. You will be provided a schedule of those automatic transfers when you open the account.

We will keep your Christmas Club savings safe until the account matures next October. At that time, we’ll direct deposit the funds back into your checking or savings account. We hope you’ll be able to avoid temptation and let your Christmas Club mature but if you need your money for some reason there will be a $20 penalty for early account closing.

We have customers who use Christmas Club savings to pay for holiday expenses but many use it to save for vacation, projects around the house and other important milestones. When your account matures, we celebrate by giving you a small gift. This year’s gift is a miniature cast iron skillet containing a s’mores dip mix. It will be available while supplies last.

Ready to open a Christmas Club? Talk your banker today. They will be happy to take care of that for you today!



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