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Quick Tips: Thoughtful Christmas Gifts

Does it feel like gift giving is getting harder with each passing year? We tend to agree as it feels like our loved ones have all the things we could afford to give them and too much stuff in general. Where we used to have one person who was hard to buy for, these days it feels like the entire list is problematic.

Today we want to talk about gift options that don’t add clutter, that don’t have to cost a lot and that are thoughtful. Here’s some food for thought:

Experiences: Give the gift of a memorable experience! This type of gift can fit any budget and any interest. Send them to a wine tasting or to a gardening class. Give the entire a family a treat with zoo passes or a membership to the local children’s museum. Maybe they’ve always wanted to skydive, learn to cook or pick up a new language. Make those dreams come true! Maybe they love an afternoon at the movies – movie theaters sell gift cards too! The sky is the limit when it comes to giving the people in your life an enjoyable experience!

Family Heirlooms: We know a lot of young people aren’t interested in accumulating stuff and it’s important to respect their wishes. However, if there’s someone in your life who has always admired a specific item or who would be touched to own a memento from family history, consider what you can part with that might be meaningful to them. It may even be some traditional family recipes. What’s better than the taste of childhood that will come with grandma’s apple pie recipe?

Photo Gifts: There are lots of companies that can turn your family photos into works of art, calendars to keep track of passing time, and even throws to keep your loved one warm. Don’t underestimate how meaningful it can be to receive reminders of those we love most!

Favorite Things: Collect some of your loved one’s favorite things into a gift basket.  Maybe it’s their favorite snacks or some new release books from a genre they love. It might be a handful of more expensive products that they enjoy using but find too costly to buy regularly. For anyone whose budget is tight, nicer versions of everyday products can be a true luxury!

Gift Cards: If you know your loved one frequents a local bookstore or that they stop at the coffee shop around the corner every day, give them the gift of shopping (or caffeinating) for free! Never discount the significance of remembering someone’s favorite restaurant by giving them the gift of a meal out. If you want to help someone with an upcoming bill or contribute to their vacation, consider a Mastercard® gift card at VCNB. We are waiving purchase fees for gift cards now through December 31, 2022!

Are you feeling inspired to push through and find the perfect gift? We certainly hope so!


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