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Reward Yourself With uChoose Rewards At VCNB

What if we told you that you can earn rewards for spending your own money? What if we said that you can use those rewards for things that you can use like gift cards, event tickets and even cash back?

VCNB offers a rewards program called uChoose Rewards® that gives you rewards points for the spending and some of the banking activities that you normally perform. Rewards points can be earned by using your Rewards Checking account and with a Visa® Platinum credit card at VCNB.

Here’s how it works:

The first step is to register your cards. Both your Rewards Checking debit card and your Visa Platinum Card can be linked to the same uChoose® Rewards online account. Think of this account as your dashboard to track your earnings, available points and all the ways to redeem them. You will only begin accumulating rewards points when you register your cards so it’s imperative this be done as soon as possible after receiving your cards.

With a Visa Platinum credit card, earn one point for every dollar spent. We’ll even give you 1,000 points when you open the credit card! If you have the credit card, rewards points can be redeemed for hotel rooms, travel, event tickets and even gift cards.

With Rewards Checking, earn one point for every $3 spent and an extra 200 points for 21 or more transactions per cycle. You’ll also receive points for using services like direct deposit, online bill pay, Zelle® and automatic loan payments. You’ll even receive 1,000 bonus points when you open the account and another 500 on the anniversary of the account. Rewards can be redeemed for travel, hotel rooms, gift cards, event tickets and even cash back.

We also recently added a new feature that allows rewards to be used with Paypal Pay.

We have some incredibly savvy customers who use their VCNB debit and credit cards to pay for as much as possible so they can earn rewards points. Many have creative uses for those rewards. For example, one customer saved her rewards to pay for a cruise with her spouse. Many use them to buy Christmas gifts or to book hotels and flights for summer vacation. Gift cards make great birthday and graduation gifts.

These are great examples of how you can save large amounts to pay for big things but many customers use points to pay for everyday expenses like gas and groceries as well.

It’s an effective and smart way to stretch your dollars a little further.

Earning uChoose Rewards is possible with VCNB Rewards Checking, a Visa Platinum Card and with our newest account Community Champions. Click each account name to visit our website to learn more! You can also speak with a banker in any of our sixteen local branches.






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