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Spare Coins Add Up With VCNB Coin Machines

Have extra coins lying around? If you’re like most people, there’s a jar, a piggy bank or a drawer full of change taking up space somewhere in your house. The great news is that all that change can add up to a lot of dollars!

Did you know that some of our branches have coin counting machines? That’s right! There’s no need to roll your coins when you can just pour them into one of our handy self-serve machines! They can be found at the following VCNB locations:

Friendly Bremen Banking Center – East Main Street Lancaster

Hocking Hills Banking Center – Logan

Ross County Banking Center – Western Avenue Chillicothe

Vinton County National Bank – McArthur                                         

Jackson County Banking Center – Jackson

To use one of these machines, simply follow the instructions on the screen and dump your change onto the conveyor belt. The machine does all the sorting and counting! Then it prints a receipt which you can take to the tellers to receive your cash or have the funds deposited into your VCNB account. This is a free service to VCNB customers. Anyone who does not have a VCNB account but who wishes to use the machine may do so for a five percent fee.


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