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VCNB Celebrates Community Banking Month

April is Community Banking Month and we want to pause a moment to celebrate! In a world full of faceless corporations, we are pleased to say that VCNB has grown while holding dear to the roots and values that make us who we have always been – your hometown bank.

What is a community bank?

At the core of a community bank is the beating heart of the community they serve! That means our focus is on investing local deposits and making loans for the betterment of our communities. It means we focus on the needs of local people, small businesses and farmers. It means we are involved in our communities both through financial and volunteer time commitments.

In other words, we love the places where we work. We hire local people to make local decisions and we get involved in the community outside our doors as much as possible. We get to know you and try to be mindful of your needs in whatever season of life you are in so we can help you live a better life.

We have been successful for going on 160 years because our values align with your values.

We value people and the relationships we can build with them. We value our integrity and the knowledge that we try to do the right thing - even when no one else is looking. We value the future and contribute in whatever way we can to aid with the progress of these people and places we love. We value leadership and do our best to be a good leader as a bank and to cultivate strong leaders in our workforce.

Most of all, we value our communities. The places where we do business are home to us. We live, work and play next to you and your families and want our neighborhoods to prosper because it feels good to be in a place that is vibrant and alive with hope.

As a community bank, we want to be leaders in progress and to build relationships with the people and businesses around us. We love helping you reach your goals. We’ve been at this for a long time but we try not to look back too much unless it’s just to remember who we are.

We are thankful for all of this but it wouldn’t be possible without our wonderful customers. Some of you are new to the VCNB family while many of you have chosen to bank with us for generations. Your feedback and support help to guide us and help us improve the products and services we offer.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your past, present and future! We are proud to be your community bank.



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