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VCNB Donates To McArthur Christmas Decoration Project

The holidays should be a little brighter in McArthur this year. That’s because there is a committee of local volunteers working to raise funds to purchase new Christmas decorations to spruce up the town throughout the holidays season. VCNB recently donated $6,500 to help toward a $30,000 fundraising goal. This donation will fund decorations and electric hookup supplies for ten poles. 

The committee hopes to purchase a new decoration for each pole on Market Street from Family Dollar to Percelli’s Pizza and on Main Street from Campbell’s Market to the EZ Wash Laundromat. The village has earmarked the old decorations to brighten Wyman Park in the future.

Committee Chairman Dave Gill spoke on behalf of committee members Bill Garrett, Juanita McNickle, Gayle Young, Deanna Tribe and Janie Fannin. “I noticed the towns around us and how nice their decorations are and wondered why we couldn’t do something here too. Our decorations are showing their age,” Gill said. 

“We’re all excited about the improvements coming to McArthur with the work at the hotel and with your new building,” he said, referencing the CVB’s current project at the Hotel McArthur and the bank’s plans to construct a new building. “There’s a lot of good headed our way and this will just help enhance all that.”

Fannin, who is employed as the Village of McArthur Fiscal Officer, said that she is pleased to see the community coming together to help and that the decorations will be purchased without using taxpayer dollars. She said that AEP has agreed to donate the electrical hookup.

VCNB President Mark Erslan and McArthur Branch Manager Heather Boothe are both enthusiastic about the donation. Boothe expressed her love for Christmas and the sense of community pride new decorations will bring to town. “I just love the holidays and the way they bring people together. I also enjoy driving around and looking at lights and am excited to have new decorations to brighten up our town. This is just one of many reasons why I’m proud of our community. The way people work together and make things better is one of the best the things about our community,” she said. 

Erslan said that supporting community initiatives is important to the bank. “We're all about supporting projects that enhance living in our communities and the committee should be commended for getting the private business and individual support needed to make this happen.”

The committee is still seeking cash donations and there is no donation too big or too small.  Checks should be made payable to the Village of McArthur. Note in the memo line it is for Christmas lights.  



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