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VCNB Introduces New Community Champions Account

VCNB has a big announcement today and we are excited for you to hear about it first. We have introduced a new account for people who we are proud to call our Community Champions. It comes with a number of rewards and benefits to say thanks for doing what they do!

When you look around your community, there are people who stand out. They’re the ones who often have jobs of service. They’re the educators who teach our next generation. They’re the first responders who run toward a crisis while the rest of us run to safety. They’re the medical professionals who help us to be well. They’re the active duty military and the veterans who serve our nation proudly. They’re the support staff who make it possible for people in the fields of education, medicine and first response to do their jobs.

We now offer something called Community Champions Checking that’s just for these folks. This account is similar to our Rewards Checking which allows customers to earn uChoose® Rewards Points for their purchases and for their regular banking behaviors. Those points can be redeemed for cash back, gift cards, merchandise, travel and event tickets.

But Community Champions will enjoy some extra perks like opportunities to earn more points. They will also receive free official checks and money orders, discounts on personal loans, as well as discounts from select Community Partners. The list of Community Partners is growing to include a number of local businesses.

There’s no monthly service charge unless the customer opts for a paper statement. Our Community Champions will receive a custom debit card to remind them we think they’re pretty special. Plus, there will be a designated Community Champion parking space at each of our branches!

Customers only have to be employed within one of these fields to qualify for the account:

  • Anyone who works in education. This includes the teachers, principals, bus drivers, school secretaries, janitors and, yes, even the lunch ladies we all love so dear!
  • Anyone who works in the fields of law enforcement, fire and EMS. This includes the dispatchers who keep everyone moving out in the field, the office workers who keep the files straight, our volunteer firefighters and even our prison employees.
  • All active duty military and veterans. We don’t care what branch of the military you serve, whether you’re in boot camp or were discharged a long time ago. If someone once promised to protect our nation, we salute them.
  • Anyone employed in the medical field. This includes the nurses, dentists and pharmacists. It also includes the accountants, janitors and the folks at the front desk who keep your paperwork straight and make your next appointment.

Do you qualify to be a Community Champion? You can open your account online or in your local VCNB branch. If you have an existing VCNB account that you wish to convert to Community Champions, that’s easy too! Just contact your local branch and tell them you want to be a VCNB Community Champion! Want to learn more? Click here to get started!  

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