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VCNB Kicks Off New Construction In McArthur With Groundbreaking

We celebrated a major milestone here at Vinton County National Bank on Wednesday. That’s when bank executives gathered alongside community members, employees and dignitaries to break ground on the largest construction project in bank history. This two-story 7,000 square foot building marks a bank milestone and is a symbol of the bank’s commitment to McArthur and all of Vinton County.

Founded by Daniel Will in 1867, the bank has always held a prominent place on McArthur’s Main Street and with generations of Will’s family in leadership roles. The company has since grown to employ approximately 240 people including nearly sixty in McArthur.

As the bank’s need for back office positions has grown, space has become an issue in the existing building. The new building will house the retail employees who wait on customers including the lenders, personal bankers and tellers who customers see every day. Non-customer facing employees will remain at 112 W. Main Street which will eventually undergo renovations.

President Mark Erslan described the new building and the road to the groundbreaking of this facility which is designed to give customers a more efficient, privacy minded banking experience. He noted that the bank has learned from other construction and renovation projects in recent years. “I like to think we’re improving with each new plan,” he said. “This one stands out, it’s special. Obviously, there’s a lot of history here. This is where the bank started in 1867 and it’s personal for me too. It’s where my career started some 31 years ago as a management trainee.”

The bank in McArthur is also personal to Head of Commercial Lending Tom Oyer who addressed the gathered crowd. “The bank here in McArthur is pretty special to me because, as far back as I can remember, it has been a part of my life. My grandfather is Bob Will and my grandmother is Ruth Will. One of my earliest memories is actually of my grandfather taking me for lunch down at the bank back when they had lunch in the basement. So, we came down here and went down the funny little elevator we still use to the basement and had lunch,” he recalled fondly.

With his own children watching, Oyer spoke on behalf of the Will family, calling this investment another step in fulfilling a promise that we will be here to serve the community for years to come.

“Through all the growth and expansion and success that the bank has had over the decades, the management of the bank and the Board of Directors have remained true to our roots in this community and the promise that the bank has here. That’s what we’re doing here this afternoon by breaking ground. We’re really cementing the promise that the bank has made to McArthur for decades that we’re going to be here for this community and Vinton County as a whole.”

He also related the story of how the current bank was constructed to replace the original aging bank building. “It’s kind of ironic because 98 years ago my great-great grandfather Aaron Will was breaking ground on 112 West Main Street and we’ve been there ever since. While he was doing that, I think he had two things on his mind and that’s that this community needed a bank that would be here for their changing financial needs and a bank they could be proud of. You know, a century has passed but we’re all here for the exact same reason.”

Chairman of the Board Tom Will was eager to break ground and to start this next chapter in the bank’s story. “I think this will be a great thing for Vinton County and we’re excited to get started and to give our customers and our employees a better experience.”

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