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VCNB's Alyssa Holbrook Gives Back By Honoring Veterans

When VCNB Personal Banker Alyssa Holbrook moved from the Thornville area to southern Perry County two years ago, she thought she had found paradise. The self-proclaimed country girl had moved to ten acres in a rural area near Corning and happily adjusted to life in her new community. 

But as she zipped through the region on her motorcycle and admired the scenery and small towns of the region, Alyssa realized there was something missing in her new home. Most of the neighboring communities had streets lined with banners honoring local heroes – the veterans who have served our nation proudly. 

While Alyssa is not a veteran herself, she has family and friends who are and she thought how nice it would be for Corning’s veterans to be recognized too. “I’m the kind of person that once I get something in my head, I can’t let it go until it’s done,” she admitted.
So “get it done” is what she did. 

Not sure where to start, she began talking to people - first the mayor and then people who had been involved with banner projects in neighboring towns. She worked with local organizations including American Legion Post 327 who not only gave their blessing but agreed to work with her by setting up a separate account for donations to pay for the banners. 

They now have 27 banners on poles around town and are still taking applications for more. Those banners represent men and women currently serving in the military as well as veterans who are living and deceased. 

She spoke to the son of one of those veterans. The Columbus resident’s father grew up in Corning and is now deceased. He saw this as a way to honor his dad’s memory. “Knowing the heart behind why some of these folks want these banners is incredible,” Alyssa said. 

The cost for a banner is $150 and that includes the fee to produce the banner, the hardware for hanging, and the installation. That installation is donated by four friends in the community including one who brings his own bucket truck. Donations can also be made to help fund banners for individuals whose loved ones cannot afford to pay. 

Alyssa said that many people who have helped with the banners shy away from attention or credit for their contributions. “They don’t want recognized, they just want to help but there have been so many people who have helped along the way. I had never done anything like this so I was glad for all the help I could get.” 

When Alyssa talks about this project, she swells with pride – not for her own hard work - but for the community she now calls home. “This community is amazing. The way people look out for each other and come together to help each other. It’s not just with the banners. It’s everything. A lot of people don’t have a lot but they give what they can and they show up and help. There’s this wonderful circle of helping each other with money and volunteers,” she explained. “I just can’t put into words how I feel about this community and the people here. I’m glad I made the move and I’m glad I found a way to give back.”

Contact Alyssa at Alyssa.Holbrook@vintoncountybank.com for a form and payment information.

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