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What We Mean When We Say Every Business Needs A Judy

This is the question we are posing in our advertising right now. That’s because we think every small business needs someone they can call on for advice and troubleshooting. Every business needs someone who understands their needs.

Here at VCNB, Judy is our Products and Services Manager. “Have you called Judy?” is a question commonly asked here because Judy has all the answers along with a desire to help and the patience to do so. Her knowledge is vast and her skills with business banking needs are dynamite.

That’s why we call her so much.

The good news for our customers is that VCNB is actually populated with business banking experts who are thrilled to help, who want to be your “Judy.” 

After all, owning a business is hard work. Most small business owners find themselves “chief cook and bottle washer,” often juggling their time while they do it all. If you’re taking out the trash and troubleshooting technology at the same time you’re helping customers, odds are that you need your banking to be as seamless as possible.

So, like Judy, our business teams are here to take away some of that stress. You would be surprised at some of the challenges we have helped our customers conquer and the resources we have at our fingertips for making banking better.

Do you have a Judy? If you are a business customer here at VCNB, you do have a Judy in your local branch! Learn more about our suite of business products by visiting our website. Better yet, contact your local branch to speak with one of our business experts today!


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