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What's The Difference Between A Community Bank And A Big Bank?

As banking has dominated recent headlines, you likely are wondering what sets a community bank like VCNB apart from those banks in the news. The differences between a community bank and the big banks you are hearing about are vast. Here are a few of the reasons why.

It’s In Our Name – Community banks are exactly what the name suggests. We are based in a specific geographic location rather than across multiple states. VCNB has branches in eight Ohio counties where we understand the communities, know the people, love the culture and are familiar with the economies. We look beyond the spreadsheets to appreciate the needs and opportunities of these places we call home. Speaking of home, our people mostly live in the communities where they work. You know them because you see them out volunteering, their kids go to school with yours, they’re your neighbors and your friends.

Community Banks Are Here For YouRelationship Banking – When you come in to one of our branches to do business, you will leave with a new friend to call on anytime you like. Our bankers will take the time to listen and help you find the right tools and solutions for your banking needs. Don’t be surprised if they call just to check in or to let you know they thought of something that might help you.  

Local Decision Making – Faster and better-informed decisions are made every day because we prioritize local decision making. Decisions are based on a customer’s entire profile and on the local economy rather than just on a credit score. Decisions are made by people who know and understand the needs of our customers. A young family has different needs than a small business and a farmer has different needs than a retiree. We understand these differences and honor them.

Local Management – Our President lives in Ross County and is a familiar face in our branches. In fact, all of our employees have access to him and to the members of the executive management team who keep things moving smoothly. When it comes to community banking, relationships are everything.

Local Priorities – Community banks are in a unique position to understand that what’s good for the employee, the shareholder, the customer and the community aren’t necessarily different things. We prioritize looking for solutions that will make our bank stronger for everyone.

Top Notch Products and Services – We are able to offer you the security and technology you expect from a big bank with local service and care from people nearby. We are always on the lookout for innovative technology and even how to make our accounts more appealing to you, the customer.

Local Giving – Community banks love to support community activities. That’s why we set aside hundreds of thousands of dollars every year that we invest in financial literacy for teenagers, in non-profit organizations and community development efforts. Chambers, civic clubs, school fundraisers and county fairs are just a few ways we give back. Plus, we don’t just write checks – we reward our employees for volunteering their time!

All of these community banking qualities have served us well. The highly respected financial institution rating agency, Bauer Financial has consistently given VCNB a Five Star Superior rating for many years. That’s the highest rating available. By all regulatory standards, VCNB is well capitalized and in a good position to serve our customers. Visit their site to see how we rate. 

VCNB has been around since 1867. The man who founded this bank instilled in us principles that have been handed down through generations. In fact, our Chairman of the Board is a fifth generation banker with this bank. We have weathered depressions, recessions and plenty of economic crises. We work every day to make sure we are around for just as many more years in the future by handling your money responsibly.

We are your community bank and we are here for you.

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