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How We Use our Rewards Points: VCNB Employees Share All

You often hear us talk about uChoose® Rewards Points and how to earn them but do you know all the different ways you can use those points? There are many! Redeem those points for cash back, gift cards, merchandise and for travel experiences. You can even pay with points on Paypal and at BP stations!

We asked some of our employees to tell us about how they like to use their Rewards Points and learned that many are saving their points to help pay for Christmas expenses! Keep reading to learn how your bankers are using their points!

I use my points to buy something pretty for my outside every spring like new patio furniture, yard decor, flower pots, etc. Sprucing up the yard with free reward points is great!

Beth Ann Patterson, Senior Relationship Banker in Chillicothe


I use my rewards to save up and help with Christmas. I cash them in on December 1 every year.

Chelsea Leach, Teller in McArthur


I use my points to help pay for Christmas gifts!

Hannah Schmelzer, Management Trainee


My favorite kind of weekend fun is a good old-fashioned road trip. I use cashback to help pay for gas and hotels!

Brandi Betts, Marketing Manager


I sandbag all my points till the end of the year for Christmas for my grandson who is 3 years old.

Aly Holbrook, Senior Personal Banker in Bremen


I recently used my points for cash back to buy concert tickets.

Kelly Stout, Senior Teller in Jackson.


I recently went on vacation and cashed my points in to pay for excursions we did while on vacation.

Heather Boothe, Branch Manager in McArthur


I always save my points for Christmas -what in the world to get the in-laws you might say? Save up your points and reward them with gift cards! It's always the right size, shape and color. Plus it's easy - I don't have to save up a bunch of money for presents!

Amanda Blakeman, Senior Personal Banker in Chillicothe


I think uChoose points are a great! I save my points throughout the year and cash them out right before Christmas time. Its a great way to save a little extra money you aren't necessarily expecting!

Sarah Webb, Relationship Banker in Bremen


I love to use the points for Christmas. With three grandsons it really helps!

Kim Peoples, Customer Service Representative in McArthur


This year I went on vacation to Mackinac Island in Michigan and I used the rewards points to take a private carriage tour of the island.

Jessica Yaraschuk-Reed, Senior Collections Associate


I use my points to save up for Christmas! With a big family and lots of little ones that I love to spoil those points come in handy!

Katie Wright, Branch Manager in Ashville


I use my rewards points for my grandchildren on their birthdays and for Christmas gifts.

Andrea Elliott, Lender in Chillicothe


I cash them in every July so I have extra money to spend on fun with family in the summer!

Robyn Hale, Mortgage Loan Processor


Want to learn more about the easy ways to earn rewards with VCNB? Click here to read the 101 on Rewards. Ready to open a Rewards Checking account and get started earning today? Click here to visit our website!

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