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Reward Yourself With Rewards Points This Holiday Season

With the holidays upon us, you likely have a lot of spending in your immediate future. Gifts for the family, a road trip to see Grandma, that party at work  . . .the list is probably long.

Luckily, VCNB Rewards Checking customers and our Visa® Platinum Credit Card customers have a secret weapon when it comes to spending money. They can swipe those cards and earn uChoose Rewards® Points that can be redeemed for a variety of things.

With a uChoose Rewards checking account, customers earn one point for every $3 spent. They will also receive 200 bonus points for 21 or more purchases per cycle. Note that points can also be earned for using VCNB products like Direct Deposit, Zelle® and Online Bill Pay.

Customers who use their Visa Platinum Card for purchases will receive one point for every $1 spent.

These points can be redeemed for all kinds of things. Gift cards, travel, event tickets, cash back and merchandise are among the rewards available.

The first thing cardholders need to do is register their new cards so they may begin earning these points. This can easily be done by clicking here to visit the uChoose Rewards website. Those who have both Rewards Checking and the Visa Platinum credit card can register both cards with one uChoose account so their points will accumulate in one place and accumulate more quickly.

Then it’s time to swipe those cards!

New this year, VCNB has added a Pay With Points option for customers. This makes a terrific way to save for Christmas as well! Just allow those points to accumulate throughout the year and then shop for gifts when you’re ready by using the Pay With Points option!

While customers have ample opportunity to earn in their everyday spending and banking activities, the expensive holiday season ahead offers customers opportunities to reward themselves by maximizing point earning opportunities.

Please note that we don’t encourage you to overspend just to earn uChoose Rewards but, if you’re spending anyway, we hope you’ll choose your Visa Platinum and Rewards Checking debit card every time you spend. Whether it’s Christmas gifts, groceries or taking advantage of the sales for yourself, using those cards will give you a chance to earn a little extra for yourself!

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